You know Big Henry? Well, there's a lesser-known American tall tale about a guy named Big Henry who had a race with machine drills and he won

I’m sure you’re talking about John Henry. I could’ve sworn everyone and their mother had read at least 3 picture books about him by 3rd grade.

According to Hirsch, it's not affiliated with Disney and we don't know who runs the site. However, it was created the day before the Season 1 finale, which is where the "search for the blind eye" cryptogram originated. So it is a mystery! :D

It definitely seems to have inside info on the mythos.

Perhaps it’s not exactly affiliated with Disney, but it IS being run by the Gravity Falls team? As a sort of PR thing.

Anon, I think Alex said it isn't affiliated with Disney but I think it could be someone on staff there that made it. Anyway there were quite a bit of messages found this past July that are already up on the wiki but idk if anyone's checked since season 2 premiered :S

Ah, that sounds familiar.

I’m not sure if it HAS updated, actually. The one anon implies something happened but they haven’t clarified yet.

wasnt it confirmed a while ago that searchfortheblindeye isn't official? alex hirsch said it on reddit right?

Maybe? I forget, but it’s been fun to mess around with anyway! Not to mention it seems to know some things ahead of time…

OH MY GOSH!!!! GO ON THE SEARCHFORTHEBLINDEYE HTML AND CLICK THE BILL!!!! then ust go to differant pages using the url.

Can I have some clarification? I’m trying what you’re saying but the Bill in the HTML seems to do nothing, and the Bill on the webpage seems to just take you to the same old pages.

I've realized that the events of the episodes from Dreamscaperers to Into the bunker were pretty much consecutive

Yep! Nice, isn’t it?

can you guys make a post of all the basics and need to knows about decoding and the whole mystery of gravity falls

That’d be…a long post. I’ll condense it. Basically, the ciphers are found throughout the show on book pages, in the credits, and in unusual locations. Sometimes they’re found in online flash games, too - usually the more complex ones like PinesQuest and Rumble’s Revenge.

This site and this site are helpful for ciphers. All ciphers that have been decoded are found on the wiki.

The mystery is best understood by watching the show itself start-to-finish? Honestly I’m trying to think of something that the shows and shorts leave unexplained, but so far I can mostly only think of things that should come into play later or were one-time things.

Some things to keep in mind at all times, however:

  • Bill Cipher (a triangle with an eye)
  • Stan’s Tattoo (Which is in itself a mystery but we think it’s important because it was specifically mentioned several times)
  • Codes within the book (Pages that are shown during episodes may contain codes that are relevant to the mystery. Or not)
  • Ending credits codes and the whisper in the credits that tell you the cipher used (Not always related to the mystery, but always fun to decode)
  • The author (Currently unknown)
  • "STAN IS NOT WHAT HE SEEMS" (A cipher found on the image that flashes at the end of the credits)

I’d love to explain absolutely everything, but that would take hours to type up, probably.

who is big henry

He’s the blue miner Lilliputtian who went ahead and delivered the ball during the gas leak.

That sounds so weird out of context.

Nevermind. I see someone told you. Sorry to bother.

The keyword is “Whatevs,” if my friend is correct.

It’s no bother at all! Don’t feel embarrassed for sending in something we already knew. We get asks like that all the time, so we don’t mind.

Not sure if this has been pointed at or played with at all yet, but looking at the binary code decoded from before (put all 6 pieces together), I'm wondering if that had anything to do with the 6 shorts, Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained? Maybe somehow those shorts all come together to reveal something. Sorry if I'm just repeating anything from before or if the code was already used for something else.

It’s possible. However, my first thought is the pictures that flash during the ending credits of the new episodes. My guess is that once we have six, it’ll form a coherent picture of some kind.